SEMI-HIATUS are all jedi so reckless?

im maddi!!!!
this is a star wars blog!!


★ star wars meme | 7/7 planets:

Forest moon of Endor

this is beauuutiful


this is beauuutiful

star wars: the clone wars meme
↳ [1/4 ships/vehicles Republic cruiser


Star Wars + Ending Parallels

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anakin & padme + kisses

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—And, Captain, make sure the troops are aware that the enemy may disguise themselves as clones to try to trick us.

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star wars meme : ten scenes (8/10) → the battle of Geonosis

"You call this a diplomatic solution?"

“No, I call it aggressive negotiations.”

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"In this TV spot for Star Wars Rebels, the evil Empire comes to Lothal, crushing the spirits of ordinary citizens. A small group of heroes dares to fight back, drawing the attention of Agent Kallus and the mysterious Inquisitor." [x]